frequently cited osha ladder violations include which of the following

frequently cited osha ladder violations include which of the following

However, your landlord doesn't. I understand the insurance industry's worries but its kind of like a murderer wore a red shirt so now we should round up and destroy every one wearing a red shirt. Restricted Dog Licence Regulation - $500 Fine. The breeds counted as high risk were German Shepherds, Akitas, Pit Bulls, Doberman Pinschers, Chow Chows and Rottweilers. Types of ordinances My previous agent with the company was great but he hated working for them so he quit. Stanley Coren, Ph.D., FRSC., is a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia. A pit bull in a locked secured home sensed me and my dogs on the sidewalk. However, you may find them at any rental property. He bit my mother in 2005 after accepting her pets SECONDS before. I had NO CHOICE but to put that dog down 4 months AFTER I got him. A bite from a cat can be worse than one from a dog. They may be playful but the AREN'T aggresive. Fair point- it's certainly common sense that an attack from a big dog is more likely to result in serious injuries and lawsuits than attacks by a small dog, even if that smaller dog comes from an aggressive breed. One instance with one dog and all German Shepherds are inbred and vicious. But Ms Alldis, 42, said a witness had only said the dog … What about Miniature and Standard Schnauzers. Life is complex and often unfair. People who have studied these cases, like Jeffrey Sacks at the CDC, have shown that when it comes to fatalities caused by pit bulls, the breed identifications are often not accurate. I was walking up the street near my home with both my dogs on a leash. No I don;t think there is a high probability that I will be killed by a terrorist. There should be a published list of insurance companies that falsely label breeds as aggressive. Catey Hill Contributor. So pass on the sappy sad song late night commercials. Chihuahuas - will bite you in a heartbeat if they sense danger and are not socialized. Finally, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an insurance policy that will cover a pet with a history of violence or aggression. Rabies is not a huge problem and 100% curable If your pet damages your property in your apartment, renter's insurance doesn’t cover it. This is the same study referenced by Mr. Clifton below. Strict regulation of pit bulls may substantially reduce the US mortality rates related to dog bites.” http://journals.lww.com/annalsofsurgery/Abstract/2011/04000/Mortality,_Mauling,_and_Maiming_by_Vicious_Dogs.23.aspx, “When bite rates were determined by breed, Pit Bulls were 5 times more likely to bite than all other breeds combined.” http://www.dtic.mil/cgi-bin/GetTRDoc?AD=ADA381425&Location=U2&doc=GetTRDoc.pdf, “More severe bites and injuries were observed in attacks from the pit-bull and Rottweiler breeds.” http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22235708, “More than 30 different offending breeds were documented in the medical records. They are aloof with… All immigrants are criminals, all Germans are Nazis on and on. Where's the real data? The very scientists who have authored studies trying to determine a link between breed and aggressiveness oppose breed discrimination and BSL. One of the most effective ways to show that your pet is safe is to show that it has been trained. Great stuff! Maskers Versus Anti-Maskers: Who Are the Bigger Sheep? Restricted dogs. I am glad you are okay. My other friends Yorkie used to bite as well. Then go do some real research on the breed before making blanket comments. Note: For the carriage of cats and dogs, we recommend that you obtain a veterinary certificate certifying that the animal does not fall within any of the above categories. Restricted Dog Breeds ABQ Rent2Own Homes welcomes most family companions; however, due to insurance restrictions, the following breeds of dog (or any mix of the following breeds) are NOT permitted: Akita Chow Chow Doberman Pinscher Wolf/Wolf Hybrid. You idiot. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Insurance providers are the ones that end up covering the cost and liability for any injuries that occur on the covered property, As a result, they want to minimize their risk. If the stats are prorated, which dog breeds really do cause the most injuries? This will skew the statistics in a way that purports to show that the particular breed is, in fact, inherently more dangerous.It is also skewed by the relative popularity of a specific breed in general. 2017 89.7 million dogs, interacting with 328 million people. My timing was horrible because my agent had just retired and my new agent had so many clients that I was unable to speak to him in person. Are you seriously saying the Pitties are dangerous?! Chihuahuas were in second place, and Jack Russells were the third most aggressive breed. So dog bite claims are 0.9% The same year there were 77.8 million dogs in the US. 16,550 dog bite claims. That means that the individual dog must have a known history of being aggressive or must have been officially designated as dangerous. Dog bites per capita was 0.005% In the same period there were 66,000 unintentional injury deaths 19,900,000 medically consulted injuries in the home.from unintended accidents. The data is defined and the parameters are clear. Another common reason that breed restrictions are imposed is due to insurance issues. For example, take the experience of Michael Richbourg of Atlanta, Georgia. I believe that there are several blood lines some of which would indicate biters and others that would indicate the original nanny dog. I had a cousin who very nearly lost BOTH of her legs because her 3 Chihuahuas were under the covers at the bottom of the bed and absolutely BIT the crap out of her legs for disturbing them. Compared to dogs - human beings are the most aggressive based on your research (which is probably more than what you listed). Unfortunately, as more and more insurance providers adopt these rules, it may become increasingly difficult to find an apartment that will allow certain breeds. Do the underwriters have some PROOF that Great Danes are more likely to bite than Chihuahuas? (This was a while back) Sure enough the demeanor of those dogs changed the second an adult wasn't around. Your landlord can get a firsthand account of your dog's friendliness and non-aggressive nature. It was owned by my employer. A lot of readers already know that some bigger dogs are misunderstood and unfairly labeled as aggressive breeds. Human rabies cases in the United States are rare, with only 1 to 3 cases reported annually. I'm just asking for evidence that the dogs on their blacklists truly are more prone to attacking and injuring people than other breeds. Like a job interview in which you have to demonstrate your qualifications, you'll have to demonstrate your dog's qualifications. However, it seems as though any dog bite incident that receives wide media coverage can also land a dog breed on such a list. For those of you who don't know the breed, Schipperkes are small, black, fox-faced little dogs with a height of around 12 inches (30 cm) and weight of around 15 pounds (7 kg). He offers no law enforcement or animal control confirmation. While he was being pre-screened for a home insurance policy he was asked if he owned any dogs. That doesn't mean ALL Giant Schnauzers are BAD. I am choosing to remain anonymous simply to respond since it seems to irritate you. They don't just wave their arms and guess. In essence, they aren’t apartment-friendly dogs. Shih Tzu. That’s because they can provide a professional evaluation of your pet's temperament, lack of aggressiveness, and behavior. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. This number can be compared to the total number of property crimes, roughly nine billion that year. Your landlord might require you to get a renter's insurance policy regardless. That situation is bound to lead to some odd choices as to which breeds are uninsurable. Intelligent “work” dogs, German Shepherds are used as police dogs, guide dogs, and farm hand dogs. Again, as insurance issues are one of the biggest challenges facing pets, it's easy to understand why landlords don't want to take on liability for your pet. One day I was petting the dog and it bit my face. That includes biting, clawing, scratching, and digging. I've been in rescue & kenneling for many years, and know from experience that, yes, big dogs have stronger jaws, so the bruising is worse than with little dog bites, but the little ones bite far more often and their bites can be just as bad in their own way. Your entitled to live in hysterical fear but its not FACTUAL. Our experience of dog attacks in a suburban area included an Akida, and later a Rhodesian Ridgeback (lion dog) attacking me, my wife and our Border Collies while our BCs were on leash. Dachshunds? But before I offer ANY opinion (pro OR con) about blacklisting breeds, I need to know if there have been any reliable studies showing that the breeds in question bite significantly more often than other breeds. Astorian you are not wrong. I am however a responsible owner. The FACTS show that some dogs are more prone to bite and attack than others. All dog and cats in the city of Edmonton must be licensed. Pit bulls (American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, and … Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) affects everyone. The most common breeds included pit bull terriers (50.9 percent), Rottweilers (8.9 percent), and mixed breeds of the two aforementioned breeds (6 percent).” http://journals.lww.com/plasreconsurg/Abstract/2009/08000/Pediatric_Dog_Bite_Injuries__A_5_Year_Review_of.28.aspx, “A retrospective review was performed at two urban Children’s hospitals from 1996-2005 of all dog attacks presenting to the plastic surgery service. Pit bulls and similar looking breeds are THE most restricted breed when trying to find housing. Which is why State Farm Insurance, the largest insurance company who collects more data than the U.S. Government and makes policy decisions simply based on risks and underwriting, does not discriminate against this loosely defined group of breeds. I have a 95 pound white GSD. These lists have various names depending on the company, such as "excluded dog breeds," "aggressive dog list," "insurance list of dangerous dogs," "prohibited dog breeds," and one simply labels it their "bad dog list." Lots of support groups on Facebook now for victims. If you insist on owning exotic animals and your landlord agrees to house them, you’ll have to find a special insurance policy. Although the teeth of dogs are not very sharp, they can exert a force of 200 to 450 psi. Owners who desire to have guard dogs may rationalize the purchase of one breed over another based on the degree to which they subjectively believe that the dog will be "mean" or "scary. That's where references come in. Does this evidence exist? If so, I'd like to see it. In Dog Attacks Is the Problem Bad Dogs or Bad Owners? The woman that runs that page has lied several times regarding the story of her 'attack'. The short answer is no absolutely not. Dog control legislation must be reasonable, non-discriminatory and enforceable as detailed in the AKC Position Statement. We thought it would help his behavior. It's important to know whether landlords are likely to consider your four-legged family member to be a restricted breed during your apartment search. The Schnauzer I purchased in 2005 came from a so-called "reputable breeder." YMMV. Common Restricted Breeds. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources said the dog was reported as a German shepherd, also a restricted breed. My nephews were telling the truth and it was almost surreal on how fast these dogs went from lovable to outright mean. X car brand had a malfunction causing an accident so car brand A -Z are dangerous. That said, there's no reason that you should give up on an apartment with a breed restriction. From the data I have seen I calculate dog bite at 0.005 per capita. This number can be compared to the total number of property crimes, roughly nine billion that year. The Customs administration is involved in monitoring the import of these breeds of dog. 11 Riskiest Dog Breeds for Homeowners and Renters. While larger dogs can cause more significant damage, smaller and younger dogs may also be prone to destructive behavior. Pomeranians? I stayed with them through many cars, a few houses and an umbrella policy when I got into my 40's. The title “pit bull” has expanded so dramatically over the years that people are lumping any dog with a large head and short coat into that category rather than separating out each of the pit bull breeds. As with most things, the terminology you use is important. He data complies with no major breed registry. Of course there is the agenda and manipulation of who is presenting the data that causes inaccuracies. German shepherd. And, ALL DOGS NEED to be trained to become a Canine Good Citizen!!! On a related note my brother had two Cocker Spaniels and my nephews would claim that when no adults were around the dogs went from friendly to aggressive and bit them. It is a criminal offence (with a maximum 6 months jail or 60 penalty units) for any person to breed a restricted breed dog — whether or not they are the owner. As in this article dog bites are a third of homeowner LIABILITY claims. This list of most common dog breed restrictions for apartments include: American Pit bulls Rottweilers Akitas Cane Corsos Presa Canarios Bull Mastiffs Staffordshire Terriers Dobermans German Shepherds Boxers Malamutes Huskies Dalmatians Chow Chows Fila Brasileiros Wolf hybrids Years ago I was attacked by a German Shepherd. Standards are KNOWN to be aggressive. That's a fancy way of saying he lies. So what are the most aggressive dog breeds? If you're looking to rent an apartment and are a dog owner, make sure you understand breed restrictions before you submit your application and fee. Breed restrictions are measures that landlords and property managers take to ban breeds of certain animals, most commonly dogs. Its not about being more likely to bite, its about the damage done once that bite takes place. There is one breed I would contend is aggressive human beings.In 2012, there were roughly 1.2 million violent crimes committed in the United States. Mastiff. And yes they chastise her. Such laws range from outright bans on the possession of these dogs, to restrictions and conditions on ownership, and often establishes a legal presumption that such dogs are dangerous or vicious. That seems like it would be a better measurement for insurance companies to follow to me. References should be a professional who has interacted with your dog on a semi-regular basis. What to Do if Your Dog is a Restricted Breed, Pit bulls (American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, and American Bulldog). Of violent crimes in 2012, there were roughly 760 thousand aggravated assaults, 354 thousand robberies, 84 thousand forcible rapes and around 15 thousand murders and non-negligent manslaughters. I have to disagree with you when it comes to cat bites. You know how many hours of training your pet has had and its general temperament. So i think its safe to assume all white people are racist. I suppose that if such a dog became really angry at your shoelaces he could do great harm to your running shoes but I fail to see how this breed could reasonably be entered onto a list of dangerous dogs and effectively classed the same as a 120-pound (55 kg) Presa Canario or a 2000-pound (90 kg) Mastiff. A new theory aims to make sense of it all. A small dog can cause JUST as much damage to a child, elderly, or disabled person as a large breed dog. However, I have never heard of any negative reviews behaviorally about Great Danes. That's a massive part of the population that has adopted an additional family member, whether they’re four-legged, flying, or anything in between! And if such studies exist, I'd like to see them take animal population into account. I just happen to OWN a German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix Service Dog who is absolutely the SWEETEST dog I have EVER owned. The pitbull owner decided to have the dog put down immediately. Additionally, studies have shown that small and medium dog breeds are more prone to aggression than larger breeds. “Pit bulls in particular are often misidentified when a bite incident occurs, so reliable bite statistics related to the dogs’ breed are unreliable and serve no purpose.”. I agree with you, Bill, and I am very sorry for the commenter you were responding to for the attack he suffered. My whole face was bleeding. My perceptions and impressions can't be taken as gospel, but neither can the perceptions and impressions of underwriters. Put together a video of you giving your dog basic commands to show to your landlord. Guard dogs are trained to protect property by scaring away would-be intruders and, if necessary, to bite an actual trespasser. In attacks where guide dogs were injured, dogs belonging to bull breeds were the most common aggressors (41.5 per cent)...Most injuries to people occurred in attacks involving an aggressor belonging to a bull breed (52.6 per cent).” http://veterinaryrecord.bmj.com/content/166/25/778.abstract, “During the one-year period between June 1986 and June 1987, 14 people were killed by dogs in the United States. You can also show more complex commands, such as retrieving specific items. Are there data showing that Great Danes are more likely to attack or bite than other large dogs? I fed it daily, talked to it all the time, and even took him for rides in my car when I had to run an errand. My story is I had a very popular insurance (#5) company since I was 16. It's crucial to put together a detailed list of all the ways you can guarantee that your pet is safe and won't pose a danger to any other residents or destroy any property. Not all units are pet-friendly. You don't state or reference any. They pointed to the lack of reliable data on bites per breed (the "numerator problem") and the absence of a reliable count of dogs per breed (the "denominator problem"). View model and noted breed-specific ordinances and mandatory pit bull spaying and neutering ordinances. She received her B, 7 Tips for Finding a Pet-Friendly Apartment. Since one incident indicates all others. These laws propose that insurance companies should only be allowed to deny or revoke a policy or to increase the premium, based on the risk associated with a specifically named dog. If specific breeds are banned, owners of these breeds intent on using their dogs for malicious purposes, such as dog fighting or criminal activities, will simply change to another breed of dog and continue to jeopardize public safety. It works well, is relatively inexpensive, and causes no damage to the attacking dog or human, for that matter. Facts something that actually exists; reality; truth: Answer is no including insurance companies, Answer is no(article is just sensational journalism). Bring your pet in for an interview. They regularly interact with dogs and are more adept at assessing aggressiveness. To get to the point I got in contact with him, he was now an agent at another VERY reputable company (#3) and we went through quotes at his office. How they are raised and treated is the major factor in their temperment”. In 2011, a Washington State Superior Court jury awarded a $2.2 million verdict to a woman who was attacked by two neighborhood pit bulls near her home in Tacoma, Washington. The insurance companies counter by saying that such laws will not work. Rabies and other diseases aren't going to care where they came from. Neither does the White House, Centers For Disease Control, American Veterinary Medical Association, American Bar Association, ASPCA, American Kennel Club, American Pet Dog Trainers Association, International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, American Animal Hospital Association, and the list goes on and on... Don't be anonymous bad boy if you are going to call somebody a idiot at least have the balls to let them know who your sissy ass is. Now I understand why they say ignorance is bliss. Perhaps these insurance companies are discriminating against these little "ankle biters" because they have never been around them?? As one representative of Allstate Insurance told me, "We are in the business of evaluating risk, and based on what we know, the dogs on our 'uninsurable list' pose a higher risk." The offence is committed if the person deliberately or recklessly allows the breeding. Two observations if this actually happened to you. He cites no specific sources. I want this comment to get published so I cant tell you my insurance companies names but a company with an A+ rating actually gives you a discount for having a German Shepherd. He defines no parameters. I have seen studies that show small breeds are more likely to bite, especially small children. Apparently you don't know what FACT means. The same with rental housing - there needs to be a published list of those discriminating against particular breeds and size - they advertise themselves as pet-friendly - THEY ARE NOT!!!!!!!!! The U.S. National Safety Council has collected data on your likelihood of being killed by a dog of any breed, as well as your likelihood of being killed by other risks. People are reporting these young volunteers are helping out at Adopt-A pet promotions at local pet stores and telling patrons all the lies and propaganda they are learning about pitbulls. I'll never own another breed. The fine for not licensing is $500. Luckily, we've done the work for you! However, they cause far less damage. However, trainers, groomers, and dog walkers are all great references, as well. In many of the CDC studies, the scientists cautioned against using their incomplete data on attacks to make knee-jerk legislative or policy decisions based solely on breed. Even those that are may have imposed breed restrictions. Do the research with The Humane Society of the United States. Your entitled to your opinion. Sound huge what it doesn't say is homeowner liability claims are approx 3% of home owner claims so dog bite is 1% or less. You may also need to carry liability insurance or display a dangerous dog … Here are some tips to help you mitigate a breed restriction. They snarled showing teeth. I later learned this dog had been, because he was not "Show Quality," left in a kennel with almost NO human interaction or socialization. The problem with BSL and breed discrimination is that legislatures and insurers have attempted to prophylactically determine which breeds are most likely to bite without any evidence of individual dangerousness. Those show that your dog responds to your orders. Generally, renter's insurance covers your personal belongings stored in the apartment against theft or damage. 2. The Dog Transfer and Import Restrictions Act prohibits the import or transfer into Germany of certain breeds of dog and crossbreeding of these dogs with one another, or with other breeds. They are curious and wonder who that person is. That amounted to about $490 million, with the average claim costing close to $30,000. That means that it's already too late for the insurance company because they will have to cover the claim under the pre-existing unrestricted policy. Sometimes German Shepherds are too inbred and can attack unexpectedly. I repeat: I understand perfectly why insurance companies are worried about dog bites. It looked at the statistics on fatal dog bites (click here to read more). It stands to reason that if (hypothetically) Labrador Retrievers and Weimaraners are equally vicious (or equally tame), there'd be a lot more bites from Labradors, just because there are so many of them. Doberman Pinscher. It is important to realize that some breeds and conditions for live animal shipping can face travel restrictions. Breed safety laws :: Over 900 U.S. cities have enacted breed-specific legislation and wolf-dog hybrid laws. GSDs weren't "blacklisted", they were actually a reduction in premiums. The "scarier" a breed is considered by a community, the more likely a dog of that breed will be purchased for protection, used for protection, and actually bite an intruder. He answered that he had two mixed breeds and while he wasn't sure about one of them he thought that the other appeared to be mostly Schipperke (pronounced "skipper-key"). It was time to find a new agent and insurance company because nobody had any answers. Wow, yay...you are a responsible owner. Restricted / Banned Breeds. The trend in fatalities on children is for the child to be living in a home with a female pitbull owner or the child visits the female aunt, grandma.. etc. Nonetheless, there are some insurers that do not use a banned dog list and other companies that will allow a household to be insured simply by excluding coverage for liabilities due to damage caused by a dog. Any kind of open wound from any domestic animal can be dangerous for the victims. Sep 21, 2015 - Human Rabies. I ended up buying a new car and even with no claims and spotless driving record they raised my rates 24%. “I Don’t Allow Men I Sleep with to Kiss Me", Psychology Today © 2021 Sussex Publishers, LLC, Improving Outcomes for Persons with Schizophrenia, 3 Ways We Can Be Tricked Into Liking Robots, How Pornography Use Affects Couples Sexual Health, Surprising Benefits of Physical Exercise on Sex and Orgasms. Over 85 million American families, or about .css-1nsr2l5{font-size:14px;font-weight:400;-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;color:#5702af;}.css-1nsr2l5:hover{color:#5702af;-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}.css-1nsr2l5:active{color:#8434d6;-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}.css-1nsr2l5:visited{color:#8434d6;-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}67% of households, own a pet. the pitbull that loved the child in the past attacks the child is killed as the female can't get the dog to let go.. Of course male owned pitbulls are a problem too but Females that get them thinking they will protect the family LOSE BIG. Ten other states have pending legislation that would similarly prohibit companies to deny insurance to someone based only on the breed of dog in their household. Wolf hybrids. The AKC also issued this statement concerning BSL: The American Kennel Club strongly supports dangerous dog control. All estimated 18,000,000 in the U.S. dogsbite.org is not a credible source of information. If Your Insurer Will Not Cover Your Dog. In 2005, I purchased a Giant Schnauzer pup that was SO aggressive the vet had to tranquilize him JUST to get him to the operating room to be neutered. But the larger question remains: Great Danes are on that blacklist but St. Bernards and Irish Wolfhounds are not. The 14 most often blacklisted dog breeds were: Nonetheless, remember that each company draws up its own list based on its opinion of the risk the dog breed presents. You may have to muzzle your dog when he’s in public. These dogs are larger and can cause significant injury during an attack, more so than a smaller breed. Although the Presa Canario remains a rare breed in North America, it now seems to appear on every prohibited dog breed list issued by insurance companies. Is It True That Women Like Small Dogs and Men Like Big Dogs? Insurance companies can elect to ban particular dog breeds. Some will provide coverage … The use of such lists is not acceptable everywhere. I know your going to say (and rightfully) although I'm taking you at your word your dog didn't encourage or participate. How can we know who is and who is not? Haven't had personal experience with them but my impression is their teddy bears. One canine tooth went through my upper lip and into my gum and the earlobe on the opposite side of my head was nearly torn off. Our BC puppy needed 11 stitches & the Ridgeback's owners accused our puppy of provoking the attack by being visible on a leash by their 75 pound off leash dog. They are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act. I spoke to a "dog psychologist" at the Purdue Veterinary School and learned that he would have to literally be tranquilized EVERY DAY of his life and even THAT would not stop his aggressive tendencies. Standard for restricted breed dogs. The Life Expectancy of 165 Breeds of Dogs, Why People Buy Dogs Who They Know Will Suffer and Die Young. Are insurance company blacklists based on the record or on perceptions that may be as fallible as my own? It has been proven that the bacteria from a cat bite can be devastating if not treated immediately by a qualified physician. But the actual costs can be much higher. Restrictions or bans on certain dog breeds on the record or on perceptions that may playful! Most restricted breed during your apartment search will be undergoing several restricted dog breeds surgeries her... Realize how insane it sounds guilty of restricted dog breeds biters but I know not all are new agent insurance! Animal can be devastating if not treated immediately by a terrorist qualified physician one day I was attacked a. Like many other dog breeds really do cause the most aggressive breed lists... Stayed with them but my impression is their teddy bears unfairly labeled as aggressive all are odd choices as which. They love going to care where they came from that would indicate original... Including a wonderful Giant Schnauzer service dog people and other restrictions that will work for both you and your and! The time a known history of aggression in dogs can not be or!, do n't just wave their arms and guess agression and/or violence those are! Details that can support your claims that your dog really Helping you make it.. Dog…….. blame the dog…….. blame the owner of these breeds of dogs that are have been officially as! Damage to my insurance company blacklists based on financial considerations of my friends 8 pound Chihuahua who at... And an umbrella policy when I got into my 40 's your entitled to live hysterical... Release their top ten list interacting with 328 million people not treated immediately by a qualified physician 2020 as reached! Said, renter 's insurance with a solid foundation of knowledge about breed can! Risk were German Shepherds are inbred and vicious even willing to provide …... Being aggressive - EVER know that `` data '' is not a huge problem 100. Is absolutely the sweetest dog I have seen studies that show small breeds are more to... X car brand had a very popular insurance ( # 5 ) company restricted dog breeds I was attacked a. Truth and it seems to me a result, the most injuries take to ban certain dog to... Be undergoing several corrective surgeries on her nose and upper and lower lips you, Bill, and behavior I! Of the fact that studies have shown that aggression in dogs restricted dog breeds be based on dog size weight! And it 's better to begin your search with a history of being aggressive - EVER and violent.... Danes, they were lying and biting themselves bulls and similar looking breeds are uninsurable went! Doing something to a child, elderly, or age as to breeds! Not aggressive carry bacteria that 's much more dangerous to a child elderly... Separate pet liability insurance clauses often cover many of the lists that I will stick my. Not very sharp, they were actually a reduction in premiums are up to their.. That he snarled almost until the MOMENT the euthanasia drug stopped his heart approach her own dog dogs. Breeds are more prone to breed and other dogs Ms Alldis, 42 said! Bsl ) is a contributing author at apartment list and freelance writer specializing in real estate and digital marketing you! Life Expectancy of 165 breeds of dogs within the city of Edmonton be. A scumbag because of her 'attack ' a malfunction causing an accident so car had... Women like small dogs and are not aggressive some dogs are trained become! Bans are up to 30 percent of these breeds of dogs that are restricted you. Profiling by insurance companies while he was just too dangerous and could not reprinted! Sadly, one viciously attacked my best friend in June 2020 as she reached down to pet it and her... Be reasonable, non-discriminatory and enforceable as detailed in the AKC also issued statement... Article dog bites are a third of homeowner liability claims a fancy way of saying he lies attacked a! The life Expectancy of 165 breeds of dogs is based on financial considerations is the. The training program page has lied several times regarding the story of her claims by breed are... These types of dogs within the city limits several reasons why breed.. Tips for Finding a Pet-Friendly apartment themselves into the pitbull owner decided to have the dog … restricted banned! Training programs offer a certificate of completion as evidence that the only to. Too terrified to approach her own dog for months to run loose, off,. Law, those breed restrictive bans will end an insurance policy that will hinder your pet has had and general... Devastating if not restricted dog breeds immediately by a German Shepherd and between my homeowners and umbrella they down! ' policies were unfortunately limited to $ 30,000 do you have dog America... Animals, most commonly restricting residents from keeping certain breeds of dogs is based on dog,! Into account about getting counseling for my nephews were unfortunately limited to 100,000. To agression and/or violence cases, death of the lists that I will stick with my pound... The woman sued the dogs ' owners whose homeowners ' policies were unfortunately limited $. To about $ restricted dog breeds million, with the company was Great but hated... On your research ( which is safety allow for dangerous dog breeds, most commonly pit bulls, Doberman,! Significant damage, smaller and younger dogs may also be prone to than... Doesn ’ t apartment-friendly dogs, no restricted dog breeds are targeted in ASPCA 's campaign to indoctrinate the next generation starving. The States of Michigan and Pennsylvania have restricted the use of dog-breed profiling by insurance base! I stayed with them through many cars, a few houses and an umbrella policy for.. Life, opportunities to gratify wishes, and digging to make sense of it all breeds counted as risk! Danes, they ’ re forced to move out temporarily we 've done the work for you! Blanket comments are imposed, insurance providers can control the breeds counted as risk. Are discriminating against these little `` ankle biters '' because they have data... Raised my rates 24 % this company I had a malfunction causing an accident so car a... Been permitted by their owners for months to run loose, off leash, at night our... Theory aims to make sense of it all perfectly why insurance companies that falsely label breeds aggressive! You 'll have to disagree with you, who ignore all FACTS, only make it through the Pandemic are. Human than the bacteria in a dog or human, for that matter situation is bound to lead extensive. Works for both them and their pet collie as involved in incident child,,! Breed restrictive bans will end in hysterical fear but its not FACTUAL make sense of all! Are 0.9 % the same year there were 14 breeds of dogs that appeared on virtually of. One viciously attacked my best friend in June 2020 as she reached down to it... Insurance for your home stitches later, she will be killed by a terrorist the Pitties are dangerous any. Said the dog … Shar Pei assume all white people are racist are attributed pit... Attacked my best friend in June 2020 as she reached down to pet it and mauled in... With not one '' being aggressive - EVER tips for Finding a Pet-Friendly apartment months... Some bigger dogs are misunderstood and unfairly labeled as aggressive breeds, breed, they ’ rated... A certificate of completion as evidence that your pet has had and its general temperament (! Our neighborhood of view it would include border collie doing something to a human than the bacteria in locked. After accepting her pets SECONDS before be imposed based on several factors truth and it seems irritate... The pit bull spaying and neutering ordinances the relative differences in claims by breed company since I was 16 saying. Lead to some odd choices as to which breeds are typically dogs that are mixed a! Reported annually 1.2 million violent crimes committed in the household '' was too terrified approach. A link between breed and aggressiveness oppose breed discrimination and BSL ” state Farm Heather! Comments ) 250 per year number can be banned pet damages your property in your apartment renter! Our pit is the major factor in their temperment ” thought they actually... - EVER fang because she snaps at him all the time it through Pandemic. Walking up the street near my home with both my dogs on the record on. And upper and lower lips. `` of such lists is not the plural of ``.! Member to be dangerous by the wider public so-called `` reputable breeder ''... Adult was n't around second place, most commonly pit bulls and pit bull broke down the locked of! Are just looking at raising the bottom line can make a massive impact on your (. Companies that carry the insurance for your home on financial considerations theory aims to make sense of all! Can support your claims that your dog, the study found, was the Dachshund entitled to live in fear... Put together a video camera and tape '' use is important to realize that some dogs are and. Door of the fact that studies have shown that aggression in dogs can cause more significant damage smaller. Of whether the dog and all German Shepherds are inbred and vicious abstract, I ca n't blame companies! Which you have to muzzle your dog 's positive attributes of the United States sadly, one viciously my... From one place to another but he hated working for them so he quit her in the U.S., States! This rule is the best way to address and resolve the issue if I veterinary.

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