how to draw a calla lily

how to draw a calla lily

What is this swastika looking symbol in John Hancock's family papers from circa 1762. In the 23rd century, this classification was used to describe starships of both the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire. They served in every theatre during the dominion war, and I believe they’d do well here. That is the big picture painting about humanity and more over the universe. 1 History 2 Behind the scenes 3 Appearances 4 Sources 5 Notes and references The defense fleet consisted of capital ships such as heavy munition cruisers and missile frigates. This ship was designed as the Burke's became too small for the later battles of the General War. If you look at remaining adversaries/species (Romulan, Klingon, Ferengi, Andorian, ...), Star Trek vessels appear to hold their own very well against the opposing ships. I assume Starfleet would have a post-dominion war era replacement for this ship, and I think it’s the Luna, but I’m not sure. Plus depending on what you read, the Sovereign class ship had all the latest and greatest upgrades (regenerative shielding, quantum torpedoes, ablative armor, etc ,etc). What ships would you use in your battle fleet, and why? Good thing it only lasted from the 22nd to 23rd century. Losing such an expensive item to a cheap torpedo is not sensible. While this explains why they don't have large "juggernaut" type battleships, it doesn't really address the point of the question, because Starfleet doesn't seem to have small manouvreable fighters/gunboats either. Fleet Battlestation Ticonderoga as seen from the bridge of a Corvette Transport. - Who Ships are the best - which Naval Force would win any given Battle? This may inform some of my thoughts. I suspect that the Defiant Class would become the staple defense ship that would be attached to installations of strategic importance, as would the Prometheus Class when it came online in significant numbers. It is The mobile gunbase served as a staging point for the Battle of Klendathu.Its superstructure contains stores, bars, restaurants, and tattoo parlors. Why does adding one character to my MySQL password lock me out? At the moment the USA has no viable enemies on the high seas. Whether or not this was a hasty assembly of ships, or a dedicated battle group, is suspect. Basically, they were used for shore bombardment in support of amphibious landings (D-Day) and going toe to toe against opposing force battleships and cruisers (Jutland). I fail to believe that Starfleet can be that incompetent, particularly with the gravity of the Borg threat, and the lives lost due to a peacetime posture. Something similar to the ship that the Dowd Kevin Uxbridge created in TNG 'The Survivors'. With their Cube ships, each one was filled with redundant power systems, multiple weapons systems (torpedoes, cutting beams), layered defensive arrays and powerful tractor beams (all systems used by the Federation but with the Borg strategy of filling their ships with multiple and redundant systems). And I consider the Borg to be a special class all unto themselves. They’re awesome.). The 1st Fleet is one of the numbered fleets in the Federation Star Fleet.Commanded by Admiral Daniel Wueste, USS Pulsar serves as Flagship, while Starbase Alpha, in Sector 001 in orbit of Earth, acts as Fleet Headquarters.Admiral Jeffrey Linden serves as the 1st Fleet Security Commander and CO of Starbase Alpha, overseeing all security concerns for the Fleet … June of 2011: Playtesting Battlegroup Murfreesboro began pre-release play testing of A Call to Arms: Star Fleet. Then 10 get approval to go forward. - "Star Trek Canon Database (Queried By Episode 'Survivors')", stardestroyer.net. That's why the British in the 18th century rightly preferred building more third rates compared to more 1st rate "super ships", which offered no extended weapons range, only marginally more fire power, at excessive costs: The main design point of the Dreadnoughts of the 20th Century was above all to outrange smaller vessels in order to destroy them before they could hit back, and be able to withstand the counter fire of other Dreadnoughts. Starfleet could have just move the resources to platforms that were working out better. Taking the naval analogy further, Star Trek space combat is closer to Napoleonic era broadside battles than WWI long range duels. When you look at what they said the casualties were during the Dominion War alone, tens of thousands of vessels, their crews, dozens of planets conquered, pacified, and that's just on the Alliance side with another near billion Cardassian civilian casualties, and compare that to the cost of creating a reserve battle fleet with a reserve crew force then it doesn't seem to be all that expensive in a civilization that does not use money. Most of the changes the Defiant incorporated were things that crews could probably achieve on the fly. Federations that have their Fleet Contribution law set to anything other than None feature a joint fleet in addition to the forces of the separate member empires, controlled by the current federation … Husnock ship returns fire and numerous bridge consoles erupt in They are too expensive to have a lot of them, to valuable to afford to risk in all out combat, and too limited in there role to be of much other use. To this end, the Federation designed two experimental warships: Defiant Class Starships: an escort sized vessel with phased cannon arrays, quantum torpedoes and defensive armor as well as enhanced mobility made it more than capable of dealing damage equivalent to that of a Galaxy-class starship. Press J to jump to the feed. This array transmitted signals to the battle droid armies used by the Trade Federation and Separatist … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third-rate. The Federation Battlecruiser is a line of advanced battleships used by Starfleet. They are an inclusionary force in the universe, not an exclusionary one. Though its beta-canon, I think the Vesta class fits that bill. In reality the Defiant could not be considered by anyone to be a counter to the Borg as it was technologically and physically outclassed by Borg ships to such an extent that it wouldn't be able to damage a cube or withstand the force from Borg weapons. Space battleships would operate in the same medium as space fighters and thus would have speed advantage from size. Even the USS Lakota (an old Excelsior class ship) was upgraded to rival the USS Defiant. Is Sisko referring to the events of First Contact here and if so how does it affect things? But, more importantly, this is a universe where problems don't NEED to be solved with a fleet of Scimitar. why would you say that its due to the size, that they would not build standing fleets? When a single Borg ship can wipe out an entire Federation fleet, I would expect the Federation to come up with a Battleship or Ship-Of-The-Line capable of delivering devastating firepower, Development on the Defiant began around 2366 in response to the Borg threat. In all her appearances she never quite has the firepower to completely overwhelm similar ships but she does have the defensive capabilities to engage them, or small fleets of smaller ships and survive. Whether or not this was a hasty assembly of ships, or a dedicated battle group, is suspect. The idea was that they were cheap to produce and wildly over-powered. Naturally, they would have to have an impressive fleet to maintain their interstellar reach. WORF: Shields down! 1.1 The Star Fleet Battles Tactical Gaming System Star Fleet Battles is a game of starships. In Great Condition - Never Used. Absolutely. The Fleet is the aerospace warfare service branch of the United Citizen Federation, serving as an air force and as a space armada. Sovereign Class x1– This ship is your command cruiser, and will be able to provide the staying power and force projection necessary for battle. (Except for the episodes — mainly in Deep Space Nine — featuring massive space battles where Starfleet kicks the crap out of aliens. Sunday was an open demo of Federation Commander and Star Fleet Battle Force. These ships are the tip of the spear, and would provide an excellent firepower multiplier for any such battlegroup. Thus it can have engines proportionally much larger and can travel much faster, while still having much more space left over for weapons. Well in order to decide what kind of fleet you would want, you also need some kind of idea on starfleet defense plans. The main bases is in Baltiysk and a second operational base is in Kronstadt. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Star Fleet Battles Federation Battle Frigate Miniature ADB0250 at the best online prices at eBay! A subreddit for in-depth discussion about Star Trek. Now that said, this is sci-fi. RIKER: Commence rapid fire with all weapons on full! However, it does lay a good template for a Fast Response Fleet. If one vessel has ten time the dimensions of another of the same shape it will have100 times the volume. Good thing it only lasted from the 22nd to 23rd century. In this case, a ship is only as effective as the minds coordinating it or the technology protecting it. PICARD: Mister Crusher, move the Enterprise out of range of the But keep in mind, even though the Defiant class was arguably a war ship, it was still labeled as an escort vessel (i.e. Sort of their timeline's version of The Borg. They're not necessarily slow but they've never been the fastest in the sea and it stands to reason they would never be the fastest in space in any drive system scenario where mass or volume is a non-trivial concern. In space opera there should be far more attacks on planets than invasions of planets. As of 2008 the Baltic Fleet included about 75 combat ships of various types. Established 18 May 1703, under Tsar Peter the Great as part of the Imperial Russian Navy, the Baltic Fleet is the oldest Russian Navy formation. It has some teeth, but is state of the art, and can provide a commander with unique options unavailable to other ships. A Farragut Battle Cruiser. The Federation operated numerous varieties of starships. Source : Speculative: Comment : Approximate, scaled to the estimated height of the captain's yacht on the saucer section. 1 Training: 2 Divisions: 3 Uniforms: 4 Ships 4.1 Capital Ships 4.2 Small Craft 5 Bases and Stations 6 Trivia 7 Appearances The Fleet Academy is located on Earth's Moon at Tereshkova Base. This also does not invalidate the increasing of firepower on larger Cruiser and Galaxy-class ships with phase cannon arrays, quantum torpedo tubes in addition to photon torpedoes and multiphasic shield arrays. 0. The U.S.S. The fact of the matter is that the federation design their ships to be multi-purpose. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Defiant was created to be the first ship of a new federation battle fleet, a small powerful escort. They made heavy use of droid crew, including OOM pilot battle droids, infantry battle … Picard, you are about to move into areas of the galaxy containing wonders more incredible than you can possibly imagine... and terrors to freeze your soul. Since the weaponry of the Federation is both powerful, and easily able to fit on almost any ship (as long as it has a warp core power plant) there is no rationale for placing weapons on a single ship which might be more effective being spread out over a half dozen ships. It only takes a minute to sign up. Yes, out of the necessity of decades of brush wars, Borg attacks, and the Dominion War, there'd be a continuing militarization of Starfleet. It was revealed in Deep Space Nine’s season 3 premiere, The Search, when it was sent on a mission to find the Dominion. We know that in 2379, Starfleet was able to make a Battlegroup Omega, consisting of seven additional ships, to the Enterprise. Star Fleet Battles is, at the same time, both complex in its mechanics and simple in its execution. Since the outbreak of the Second Thargoid War in 3303, multiple Farragut Battle Cruisers have been destroyed by Thargoid Interceptors due to the former's vulnerability to Thargoid shutdown fields. The main vessel of the Romulan Star Empire's fleet, D'deridex-class Warbirds were massive vessels that dwarfed some of the largest ships the Federation put to space. Considering the Federation doesn't have battleships (the point of this question), how do you know how much resources it would take to build one? Battlefleet Solar is the colossal fleet of Imperial Navy vessels charged with the the protection of Terra and the vitally important Segmentum Solar. Not only do they require large amounts of personnel and equipment to run on their own, you also have to crew and supply the requisite supporting fleet of vessels (transports, frigates, destroyers etc). naval warfare that contradict typical strategy/tactics of modern and perhaps futuristic military warfare and/or the goals of Starfleet in general: It's a lot of eggs in one basket. Her armaments included: This was a warship, pure and simple, designed to deal out damage in all directions with variable phasers which could vary their frequency preventing the Borg from easily adapting to them and Quantum torpedoes who damage capacity eclipsed the photon torpedo by orders of magnitude; same box, much bigger bang. Man can't buy life insurance because the world will end when he dies. This class can admirably perform a science duty as well. We have not dismantled our fleet or mothballed our carriers and present a peaceful front to the world. Battleships in a lot of ways were political weapons in much the same way nukes are today. Defiant has six torpedo launchers, Galaxy class had two (though capable of firing multiple independently targeted weapons). So that was the entire Federation fleet in the final battle. They are 100% offensive. How do they protect their borders? Your question comes from the point of 'safety through force of arms,' which is not the way the Federation mindset works. Fleet Carrier (CV): While records are unclear, it appears the Federation completed a single ship of this class in Y169. While the Fleet Support Platform console is equipped, your starship can launch a mobile shield repair platform that … It also came with quantum torpedoes (again, usable on other Federation ships) and ablative hull armor (which can be added to existing Federation ships). Carry enough armor, systems redundancy, and sub-compartmentation to withstand damage as required per design standards laid out when they were ordered. 2. Second, a fleet should have good ‘synergy.’ In other words, having 9 Galaxy Class ships isn’t going to be as effective as having a dynamic, multi-tiered battle group. Around this, a fleet of smaller vessels would make sure the behemoth cannot be overwhelmed by mass attack. Why should we care about sequence in real analysis? Armed with multiple phaser arrays or banks, photon torpedoes launchers and effective defensive shielding, the average Federation cruiser was more than a match for any other single type of cruiser from most of the Alpha quadrant races. I disagree a diminished borg threat and a more peaceful, stable quadrant implies peace. With that said, there are only two on screen ships I can think of that fit the battleship classification, neither of them Starfleet: But all that aside, Starfleet's vessels were well suited to go one-on-one with matching classes of ships from their contemporary adversaries. from being moved around and some rusting of staples. The analogous situation in Star Trek would be planetary bombardment in preparation for invasion - hardly what the Federation would put in its mission statement. There is thermal damage to the hull! You can't cause immediate problems for something you can't catch. It kept saying 'HOSTILE FLEET ENGAGED!' The Imperial Navy orbital shipyards for the Segmentum are located on Luna, and the Imperial Navy headquarters in the Segmentum is based within Mars' Ring of Iron. Even though Romulus and the Federation are basically at a nonstop cold war, the Federation is always open to talking with the Romulans. The more accurate and rapid-fire that weapons get, the less useful/versatile/cost-effective it is to have a whole lot of hugely expensive ones on one boat/starship. Once the Federation Force destroys Master Brain , the organism powering the … How can I temporarily repair a lengthwise crack in an ABS drain pipe? The Trade Federation fleet,5 or simply referred to as the Federation fleet,1 was the merchant fleet of the Trade Federation6 and naval branch of the Federation military. All of those classes participated in the Battle of Sector 001. That's also the reason why they became quickly obsolete with the advance of aircraft carriers, as planes and rockets can target ships farther and more precisely that any naval cannon could ever hope to achieve. Hate to break it to you, but here in the 21st century, we don't make battleships anymore. Internet - Neale "Vance" Davidson/Star Fleet Battles/Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc./Steve Cole: No: TOS: Heavy Carrier: Julius Caesar: Variant: NCC-2203: Internet - Neale "Vance" Davidson/Star Fleet Battles/Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc./Steve Cole: No: TOS: Heavy Carrier: Libertine : NCC-2210 How tightly can a starship turn while at warp? Smaller more mobile ships even with considerably less firepower if delivered against the same big target are going to tend to be more useful as long as their destructive/defensive capacity is good enough for a wider variety of concerns which they can most certainly achieve through mixed roles. The galaxy class is designed for exploration, not warfare. Flight training … Especially if the damage dealing capacity of that one ship is half that of the Defiant class ship. Each and every carrier around the world is protected by several cruisers, destroyers, frigates and submarines because alone for it self it would be a vulnerable target. Similar principles can be applied to shields... It's wondrous...with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross; but it's not for the timid. A proper anti Borg fleet would be a large number of very largw highly automated ships. You don't necessarily need more powerful warp core to increase phaser yield... just modify their properties to make them more destructive by amplifying their forces with other methodologies. Why does it take Worf so long to “power up the photons”? What is this scissor-like accordion contraption called? The United Federation of Planets is a federal republic with a universal reach in the Star Trek universe. Celestron uncommon DC long barrel connector. Perhaps you can expand on what the Federation. If TOS starships were already capable of general order 24 there was no need to invade after a planet was bombarded by a TOS era starship, let alone a more powerful space battleship. A reasonable "real world" answer but lacking any sourcing or justification from the Trek universe. You should provide some explanation as to why you believe the Vengeance would be classed as a battleship. As such, a fast response group is exactly where it belongs. No, the Federation would have a standing battle fleet – however, the size and depth of this fleet can be debated. IE the only reason that Deep Space Nine is set on a spacestation where other species come to it, why it had war arks, why it had Cisco, Qwark, and a ship wjich is small, doesn't look like thebEnterprise and shoots puny cannons with slow weak projectiles instead of devasting phaser fire and had a cloaking device is because the creators of yhe show were subversive types. Space battleships will always be faster than smaller space ships if mass and volume matter. They are designed to be mobile strike bases for fighter and fighter/bomber aircraft. Even if it was initially put out to pasture early. While the Prime Directive was observed aboard Starfleet vessels, this was not true of civilian ships. After the Invasion of Naboo, the Trade Federation was forced to hand over warships to the Galactic Republic… ("Encounter at Farpoint" is a good example.) While Starfleet … 1 Armament 2 Abilities 3 … Most of its ships are destroyed by the Doomseye in the final battle. @Richard I'm not so sure about that. If they roll up on someone with a battleship bristling with offensive firepower it hurts their position when they say "we come in peace, we mean no harm". I think the question is looking primarily for in-universe reasons. As a capital ship, it serves as the backbone of the Federal Navy and the core of each of its fleets. Battleships invoke fear by their sheer force of presence (granted this does not work on the Borg, but he Borg apparently have found it works on almost everyone else). Originally designed to combat the Borg, the ship featured an oversized warp core, phaser cannons (in addition to phaser arrays), multiple fore and aft torpedo launchers, and as a special case with the USS Defiant, ablative armor. In “Cause and Effect”, how did Worf know to go with Data's suggestion? Powered by a forced quantum singularity, these battlecruisers were armed to the teeth with multiple disruptor arrays and photon … They’re essentially the new Excelsior replacement – a heavy cruiser, with a slant towards combat. Taken to extremes, that would lead to a Death Star kind of vessel: The mobile gunbase served as a staging point for the Battle of Klendathu.Its superstructure contains stores, bars, restaurants, and … The Breen had a few as well IIRC. Since this ship was designed as a version of the Enterprise for 'Star Trek : Phase 2', the size should be roughly similar to the original Enterprise. Federation Battlecruisers can spawn in any encounter involving one or more Federation battleships. With the addition of the transphasic torpedo (claimed from a future alternative timeline by Admiral Janeway for use against the Borg) the Federation would once again be a power to be reckoned with in the Alpha Quadrant. No race could have stood against them for long. In the era of TOS general order 24 was to destroy all life on the surface of a planet ("A Taste of aRmageddon"). The Akira, Norway, Saber and Steamrunner classes are all new designs that were put in service around the 2370's. @Schwern - My understanding (I could track down the actual stats if I was feeling so inclined) was that a Defiant in no way outmatches a Galaxy. Internet - Neale "Vance" Davidson/Star Fleet Battles/Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc./Steve Cole: No: TOS: Battleship: Mars: Upgrade: NCC-2245: Internet - Neale "Vance" Davidson/Star Fleet Battles/Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc./Steve Cole: No: Movie: Battleship: Mars: Refit: NCC-2245: Internet - Neale "Vance" Davidson/Star Fleet … When playing Federation & Empire, YOU take the imperial throne of the Klingon Empire, or the Romulan Star Empire, or of other empires, or even the Chairmanship of the United Federation of Planets!

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