tswana clan praises

tswana clan praises

The Sesotho name for this is "theellano," naming a child after their grandparents or great-grandparents. Visit us to find your clan or to add yours. In this extract from a Tswana Praise Poem, the poet appeals movingly to Chief Molefi Kgafela, who ruled 1929–1936, to bring home all the young men and women from Cape Town, Natal, Johannesburg and Rustenburg. Praise-poems of Tswana Chiefs Isaac Schapera No preview available - 1988. Linguistic and archaeological evidence indicates that these Iron Age inhabitants are most likely the ancestors of the BaTswana and BaSotho, as … An online collaboration which keeps the African heritage, Culture & Clan surname praises. Like it is in every culture, especially in Africa naming a child according to the clan expectations is a great source of identity. ; Menzi: the word means ‘Creator’ and is a praise-name of Senzangakhona, Shaka’s father. If they are geared for an attack there is no stopping them! As legend has it, they came out of a marsh called "Ntsoanatsatsi" (the place from where the sun emerges) and each clan was assigned a totem where each totem is symbolized by a 'dignified' animal. A person would be regarded as ignorant of their identity and might be looked down upon should they not be able to confidently recite their praise poem. The clan name is also sometimes used as an exclamation by members of that clan. A few clan names of amaXhosa and related ethnic groups include: 1. The traditional clan praises—no new clan praises are now composed (p. 31)—refer to the clan totems, to ancestors of the clans, to significant events in clan history and to qualities exemplified by clan members, and are used to thank or express pride in a member of the clan. Moro, in the Sotho–Tswana languages, is the name of clan or family. Switching from one Seboko to the other is not an easy task. the Banda clan at Mankhamba (near Nthakataka), and the other by the Phiri clan at Manthimba. The largest number of ethnic Tswana people actually live in South Africa. Prehistory of the Region. For other Southern Bantu peoples, on the other hand, one might easily gain the impression that clan-praises were non-existent, owing to the overwhelming concentration … An offering had to be made to the Badimo(the spirits of the deceased) and then an acceptance by the Badimo would be given to the one who is switching families. Bhele (divides into several sub-clan groups: Dongo, Langa, etc.) This was done to symbolize the "Invisible One". Pre-history of Southern Africa. 2. Join 9,283 other subscribers. Batlokoa venerate the wild cat. ), iziduko (pl.) Polelo kaga Barolong ke e;- Bagologolo ba Barolong ba re ba utlwile borabo ba re ba ne ba cwa kwa teng teng ga lehatshe, ntlheng ea botsheka. It is because of this that these totems are sacred. Impact from other cultures has also contributed negatively as the practice does not have much purpose in the westernized world. Among the Shona, clan-praises appear to be of greater importance than individual praises. They are one of the larger black minorities, and the Tswana language is one of eleven official languages in South Africa. 3.3.4 THE PRAISE-POEM OF THE BAPHIRING CLAN 46 Background of the poem 47 3.4 PERFORMANCE 48 3.5 CONCLUSION 49 CHAPTER 4 50 4 PRAISES FOR DIVINING BONES 50 ... for use in Tswana schoots.sometimes include a few praises. With globalisation and urbanisation knowledge and ability to recite ones Seboko has been reduced in general. Another example is when a woman married. Mentioning the clan name of someone you wish to thank is the highest form of respect, and it is considered polite … As I was once told, Batlokoa unlike any other clan reflect so much the animal they venerate. All have a traditional Paramount Chief, styled Kgosikgolo, who is ent itled to a seat in the House of Chiefs. Bhayi (Khetshe, Mkhumbeni, Msuthu – they belong to the amaVundle people). Much like the clan system of Scotland, each Xhosa person can trace their family history back to a specific male ancestor or stock. Clan Language Country Totem Totem in English Region Bakgalagadi-Batlhaping Setswana Botswana Thlapi Fish Batlhaping Kurumane South Africa Babirwa Setswana: Botswana: Nare Buffalo Batabe Setswana: Botswana: Tshipi Iron Bafokeng Sesotho, Setswana Lesotho, South Africa (North West, Free State) ’Mutla, Koena, Phoka Hare, Crocodile, Dew Bafula Sesotho Msiza Clan Praises: Msiza Liphahla Mrholozi Mswangubo ovela kaMgagadhla epumalanga kwalanga libalele. 4. Clanopedia is a clan praise preservation site that lets you and future generations learn more about who you are. He earned a teaching certificate at Maphumulo Teachers’ Training College and a Master of Arts (MA) at the University of Natal and continued his study of iSiZulu poetry at the School of Oriental and African Studies. They still have a traditional Paramount Chief, or Kgôsikgolo. Lenkomo ngoba ithatha isihathi ukuhlatshwa, kungaba nje yithole lenkomo. Rain Queen - Wikipedia History of the Rain Queens[edit] pin. They would for example not hesitate to knock down a wall if at all they feel using the door might delay them. Moro, in the Sotho–Tswana languages, is the name of clan or family.[1]. The basis of this compilation is derived from the work done by Prof. F.Z.A Matšela and Prof. R.I.M Moletsane in a book titled: ‘Mantilatilane. By the 17th century, when the 'Malawi' state had been unified, the Portuguese had made some contact with the Chewa. The groups believe in the existence of "Molimo oa Khale" (God of the Old) or the "Invisible One." The oral features of these art forms are characterized by the instability of the text, which takes various forms, such as extensions, additions, omissions, displacements, truncations and improvisations. The two are not distinguishable from each other in their usage and one would rely on context to tell the one apart from the other. The Phiri are associated with the Malawian mountain Kaphirintiwa. This identification also assist in preventing incest where a couple would be able to realize which clan they belonged to even when being introduced as strangers without any other knowledge of each other before partaking in any sexual activities.

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